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The Pusey Room Museum
The Museum
The Pusey Room Museum contains much of the professional memorabilia and cherished family mementos of Dr. William Allen Pusey, who was a preeminent physician of the late 1800's and early 1900's. The room, in part, is a replica of his medical office with most of his furnishings and professional related literature on display. Although his practice was centered in Chicago and national in scope, he remembered, in a special way, his native community and family origins.

Aside from Pusey memorabilia, the Museum contains other historically significant items such as an original photograph of General Custer signed and dated by Mrs. Custer. Other artifacts include Civil War related items associated with Confederates General Ben Hardin Helm, Captain Martin Hardin Cofer and Lieutenant John Augustus Warfield.
Vision Statement: The Brown-Pusey House will be the foremost place that fosters Community and furthers education and cultural development of the region.

Mission Statement: The Brown-Pusey House preserve the history and heritage of the house and our region and serves as the place to bring community together.
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